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Top 24 Calcio a productive model

December 2016 

From its headquarters in Milan, via Colico 21, the Mediapason Group which, among other channels, handles Antenna 3, Telelombardia, Top 24 Calcio, Milanow, Top Taste, Top Tech, Top Musica, has created an interesting television production model which gave birth to a full tv channel, Top calcio 24.


Irradiated on DTT, the channel is the synthesis of modern television production, in fact, from the traditional production scheme in studio which usually involves at least fifteen technicians, they moved to a very lean management. actually only one journalist, in addition to reading, commenting news and interviewing guests is able to operate all the equipment needed to go on the air.

The television production scheme launched by Top Calcio 24 is very up to date as it allows large-scale savings and an extreme optimization of resources.

The channel is basically a spin-off derived from the great experience of production and transmission of channels like Telelombardia and Antenna 3, which are also very dedicated to the production of sports contents. Top Calcio 24, as the name itself suggests, is dedicated to the major sporting events of the day made by the sports editors, enhanced with services, insights, interviews, previews and news on the world of soccer. Top Calcio 24 is also the third channel per audience in Lombardy.

Sandro Franchini and Riccardo Colella, responsible for the technical structure, explain us the evolution in technologies dedicated to this channel.

Sandro Franchini says: "From seven in the morning, one reporter prepares a minimum number of news on his personal computer in the editorial office, on the topics of the day.

Then, he enters into the study, turns on the lights of the set, he sits at his desk and, thanks to a series of automatisms of the playout, he receives the line and goes on the air. He begins to comment, and is able to manage the cameras, the calls of the viewers, while the latest news flows on sides of the screen. He may also interview a studio guest, lead the press review from the web, and he also becomes the director and video mixer of his transmission.

He actually operates on his own a couple of remote control panels on his desk -placed left and right of his monitor and cuts among the cameras in the studio."

"The proprietary engineering of this interesting project - which attracted the attention of many other broadcasters dropping “on a pilgrimage” to witness - has resulted in the creation of solutions capable to control all necessary functions of a typical tv direction, both in audio and in video and also the telephone hybrids are activated for live spectators' comments.”

“By these remotes, a mouse and a keyboard, the journalist is able to do everything, including the airing of clip contributions and photographs; he can also write headlines and captions on the fly.”

"In the shooting studio we placed a few small motorized PTZ cameras by Panasonic, already appropriately oriented and with auto iris. They shoot the journalist who can choose which camera to air.”

“Of course the normal advertising entries are scheduled and aired thanks to the prepared playout, always at the conductor choice.

In practice, the journalist is to operate just like the commercial radio disc jockey who almost always made radio programs on his own, commenting and directly operating all the equipments."


Riccardo Colella, confirms: "The investment in technology has been low since the control systems are in practice only the remote control functions of the equipments already present in the tech area and it was enough to use some special interfaces. A little bit of training for journalists and the whole thing turned out a winning idea that has paid off in no time.”

“This production scheme was then extended to all the planning of Top Calcio 24 channel and Milanow channel, creating an interesting television production model, allowing large-scale savings and extreme optimization of resources."




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