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Qui Studio a Voi Stadio, Telelombardia


The regional tv channel Telelombardia -today operating in the northern region of Lombardy with 65 high-frequency plants - has in its schedule a transmission that resists since the 80s.
It is "Qui Studio a Voi Stadio" [that is the typical sentence the announcer says when interfacing with a live link from a soccer stadium] which has suffered over the years some very obvious changes. Born, as the name indicates, with strong links and live conductors physically placed in the major football stadiums, implied a massive use of technologies, radio links, cameras, microphones and technicians, journalists, cameramen, assistants, etc.

It is to be noted that QSVS represents the sports model of television transmission that since the 80s has generated more profits for commercial networks in Italy and has been traced by most Italian TVs, given that football is surely the most leading sport.
Today the situation has changed significantly since the most recent regulations have prevented to take pictures inside any football stadiums.
However, it remains a commendable idea of TV-program in a national television style proposed by a regional channel.
The Mediapason Group headquarters which comproses Telelombardia, Antenna3 and many other channels, is situated in Milan, via Colico 21 and is nothing short of impressive, in a huge area, a real maze of offices, stairs warehouses, a myriad of editing rooms, control rooms, rvm, contribution, playout, technical areas, dressing rooms, two 400 square meters and one of 800 shooting studios, plus smaller ones, newsrooms, the cafeteria, all for standards, for a truly colossal efforts.

Sandro Franchini, technical manager, explains the evolution in technology dedicated to this program: "QSVS is broadcast with long live productions from 18 to 23 on Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 and until 23 and then also for post-match and the important pre-match."
"The production layout has crystallized in time on the typical configuration of the live transmission from study that could be called "classical". The setting is now completely created in a shooting studio and consists of some distinct areas. The main set is a raised platform for the conductor and the girl adjuvant that face two rows of seats for a total of eight opinion leaders on the right and left. The conductor and the girl who reads the mail and reports the comments of viewers via SMS and email, have behind them a video wall of 6x6 m with rear projection of live images."
"Then in another part of the study there are three comment stations of the various matches from the main fields that replicate the historical locations once allowed inside the stadiums."
"In total there are ten/eleven commentators in the studio and, according to the comments they want to set, they choose the game to comment received on monitors; in fact, all the games are fed across all workstations and every single commentator can choose a different match or focus on a single, common at the time of a pre or post game."
"The programs in question are all live and the recordings only make sense for the possible reuse on other channels, while significant or funny episodes are used as "pills" to be reprogrammed in subsequent events and on the website."

The 400 square meters of shooting studio furniture Sony cameras are placed on dollies, backed by camera operator and generally fifteen technicians work in the show.
There are several separate suites involved, the audio production, video gallery, technical control, rvm, etc, each assisted by at least one technical, operator, the director, the assistant, the video control, the lighting technician, the video mixer, the audio engineer, the studio assistant.
Images are shot and broadcast in SD since Mediapason Group of which Telelombardia is part, is a content provider but also the mux network operator -on channel 46- and therefore they tend to resell airtime of available bandwidth to accommodate more outside customers as possible.
At the moment the channels delivered are: Antenna 3, Telelombardia, Top Calcio 24, Top Gusto, Top Tech, Top Musica, Espansione TV and other third party channels, including two radio stations.





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