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Rewindm: sports, entertainment and technology

Rewindm is a television production company based in Naples, which has several proprietary mobile production units. In practice, it is an audiovisual production service committed daily in television productions of programs of several kinds. They mostly work for sposrts shooting, such as football Serie A, Serie B Eurobet, volleyball league, boxing, horse racing, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, auto racing; they also deal with entertainment, talk shows, in depth sections, documentaries, concerts, meetings, fashion, motor shows.

The fleet
The fleet is made of six outside broadcast mobile units, DIRECTOR EXT HD 12, HD 8 EXT DIRECTOR, DIRECTOR EXT 9 HD, SD 5 EXT DIRECTOR, DIRECTOR EXT 4 SD and a very recent one of 12 m.

The two most important are OB EXT 12 HD and 8HD. All vehicles are designed and manufactured in-house.
OB EXT 12HD is built on mechanical Iveco 150E is a vehicle of almost ten meters which includes on-board 8 monitor multiformat TVLOGIC 17"
4 HD LCD SONY 40" monitors, a video mixer KAHUNA 2.5 ME plus a GUI interface and auxiliary panel, two matrix panels from Probel, TELEX intercom stations, an audio mixer with 16 channels, Genelec audio monitors, two linked video matrix PROBEL HALO 32x multi-format 32. The lenses for the cameras are Fujinon 87X, 72X, 18X Canon 21X, 22X, 17X, 16X. Obviously on board are placed many other devices as multi-HARRIS HAMLET, distributing equipments HARRIS DVHD, a video format converter MIRANDA, and then embedders, converters, cross converters, TBCs, in HD and SD, a multi-view 32 x 6 Miranda KALEIDO, some net routers, 3 SPG Trilogy with changeover and even quad monitor Panorama, Robit undermonitor generator, and overall RVM section which provides 5 VCRs SONY XDCAM - HD CAM - IMX - DGBETA - P2CARD. On board as on the other mobile vehicles by Rewindm are BLT HD 2U4R2 for highlights and slow motion.

The second vehicle in order of importance has on board eight cameras SONY HXC100; based on mechanical Iveco Eurocargo 80EL by 7.80 m, proposes a production area complete with two monitors, JVC 42" full HD with monitory multiview x 2 - tally and integrated undermonitor. Then six 17" HD monitors, a video mixer MVS-FOR-A 390 HS keyboard 392OU, 2 ME, clipstore for audio and video clips.
Three intercom panels Drake 32 keys plus one 16 keys, audio mixer and Sony speakers and JBL Control1, a matrix HDSDI 40×40 a Talia Pal 32 × 32 matrix, and then a lot more including 10 HDSDI distributors, 6 crossconverter of up-down aspect ratio, mux 8 HD audio AES-EBU, 2 rackframe gecko 8900, 10 sdi-pal distributors, etc etc etc.
Aboard are also two BLT Rus Color and an XDCAM video recorder, an MSV-M2000P IMX recorder a DVD recorder with HDD and two instruments SPG Tektronix 300 test generator, a changeover Tektronix E422d and various other HD and SD tools by Videotek, TBC and multi Terranex 2D.

OB-Track 12m
The newest ob is a 12 m just released truck, with expansion, working with up to 18 cameras. It is the largest available by Rewindm.
The cameras on board are Sony 1500, and of course everything is fully equipped for filming in high definition. Only part of the body section and mechanical structure is manufactured outside, since all mobile vehicles of Rewindm are designed internally, as well as the wiring, assembly, choice of equipment and everything.
All vehicles are equipped with BLT and the EVS equipments mainly used as slow motion. The optics are the Canon up to 87x.




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