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Gazzetta TV Official TV on the air since February 26th 2015

3rd March 2015. A chat with Marco Certaldi, technical manager

"We are in the historic headquarters in Via Rizzoli 8 in Milan, within RCS, and basically we cover all football, a part of basketball, women's volleyball, and more or less everything that is followed by the in print newspaper."
So says Marco Certaldi, technical manager of the channel just launched Gazzetta TV aired from February 26th, 2015.
"Then the TV channel is a transposition of the most famous Italian sports newspaper.

For external shootings we are using a couple of services and within the home we have two shooting studies, one is dedicated to sports news bulletins every hour -of which five live- from seven in the morning.
The news feed contribution comes to us from Infront in whose headquarters, in via De Ruta, we have been dedicated about a dozen post-production suites.
In our headquarter there are five post-production suites and two graphics areas that follow all programs except promotions, both transmissions that are recorded in the studios, and all the channel graphics.
Having started broadcasting on February 26 in the league already started, it was not possible to bet on the rights of the images so much has been done to improve the most attractive infographics, precisely with two suites working all day to prepare the necessary inserts.
The sports news study has five remote cameras Panasonic 870, all in HD; the video mixer is Panasonic's. All graphics are created with modular solutions Specialty Sports ClassX, including interaction with the social media in the comments to the matches.
The audio section is centered on a Yamaha mixer, while the infrastructural modular part, transcoding, distribution, etc, is by Evertz Quartz as well as the matrix.
The sports news section has been integrated by Professional Show, while the talk show study has been created by Media Design (2 well knows Italian system integrators).
The RVM section, both ingest and playout, is realized on a Softron Media system and a dedicated SUN by Digital Wide; the editing is on Final Cut 7, but for compatibility with Infront and to exchange projects directly on all stations it was also installed Adobe Creative Cloud. Premiere will become operational as soon as possible because it handles very well the MXF workflow. Integration with After Effects, then, is very tight.
All editing stations can access the SAN and also the RVM; then we have a MAM performing directly on the production SAN and the journalists with their editorial systems may access the contributions in the archive.
They choose what to edit in low resolution, both the subclips and the whole clips, and then the editor reassembles the online in high resolution.
The sports news solution is by EBD, European Broadcast Development, as well as the playout and both are highly customized to our needs.
Most of the images in ingest derive from a shared network where you can also exchange finished stories; then we have a great archival footage of still images and videos.
The talk show studio has D70H Sony cameras, For-A video mixer, Soundcraft audio mixer, matrix by Harris, a ledwall by Technovision, LED lighting of the Italian ZALlight.
The master control is used to receive live video feeds from satellite, from Infront, via IP from other locations, via Solferino and Rome, by H24, the Live Reuters.
Here the signals are routed to the studies and to the playout that is carried on by Infront directly with EBD technology, connected to a MAM with an archive that is unique both for playout and for production.
The video is only in SDI, while the shared network used by editing is on IP. The server of the MAM is distributed between our headquarters and Infront ones, so it is subservient to the playout of the news editor without latencies.
From there the signal reaches Cologno at EI Towers which carries it to Persidera for airing final. Here we arrive at ASI and the EPG is added and from there you get to the Mux. "




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