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About Sports Video Group (SVG) Advancing the Creation, Production and Distribution of Sports Content.
The Sports Video Group was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.

Presspool Roberto Landini is the Italian correspondent for SVGEurope.org


Digitization transition of TG1 and TG3 RAI

With the start of the new all digital news and sports production TG1 and TG3, RAI, Italian national public broadcaster, has completed the digitization transition of TG, begun at the end of 2012 with TG2. TG1, TG2 and TG3 are the editorial and production sections creating several news and sports bulletins and in deep analysis programs per day in the general tv networks RAI 1, 2 and 3.

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EBD European Broadcasting Development

"The circle of business" and Emmevi

EDB, European Broadcasting Development, is a holding company whose business was established in 1996 to devote to sports graphics.
In 2005, the company structure was newly shaped to the present "business circle".
Renato Pizzamiglio one of the 3 partners points out: "The great explosion of the information technology over the last 7/8 years, made us think and invest in dedicated software platforms to meet any need of the broadcast production world.
There are four key areas: content production, content aggregation, content management, and delivery. For each of these broad areas EBD provides a specialized company able to provide concrete answers.

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Infinity by Global Production

Great room and comfort for the last OB-Van by Global Production, Turin, a company born in 2005.

Three members, Stefano Bianco, Davide Furlan and Gilberto Steccazzini, having created several television production vehicles, and after selling to Infront, are operating with four OB-Vans of which this, the largest, is called "Infinity". Also the other mobile vehicles are large in size, especially one, capable to handle up to 24 cameras (OB5).

November 2014

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Exora, part of World Linx Alliance, the HF consortium

Exora is a long experienced name in the broadcast world.

The company based in Switzerland near Lugano has a strategic position right in the center of Europe. So their role is both being a Swiss specialized "tv service" operating on a long list of sports and entertainment events, engaged both in central European events for international broadcasters and also in Italy for the personalization of Italian broadcasters, (RAI, SKY, Mediaset) to be applied on international multilateral programs just like for the Champions League.

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DBW 3D issues

DBW COMMUNICATION srl, based in Rome, since 2000 provides audiovisual and innovative services for filming and tv, aerial drones and HD OB-Vans including a 3D one.

This company is a founding member of the 3D STEREOSCOPIC GROUP consortium.

Stefano Rebecchi of DBW Communication describes some typical problems related to 3D.

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The official agreements see Italian broadcaster RAI charged by UEFA for filming and delivering internationally the so called "multilateral" tv program of all qualifying matches of Serie A on the Italian soil.

It is, in fact, RAI to implement the video program, supplied with no audio commentary but with custom UEFA graphics, for all tv stations on the international circuit of televisions who bought the broadcast rights.

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