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About Sports Video Group (SVG) Advancing the Creation, Production and Distribution of Sports Content.
The Sports Video Group was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.

Presspool Roberto Landini is the Italian correspondent for SVGEurope.org


Serie A TIM TV, Lega Calcio

Every week the new Italian tv channel of Lega Calcio, "Serie A TIM TV", offers three football matches in different schedules, at 18 on Saturdays, at 12,30 on Sundays and another one at 15 in the afternoon. It's a new pay-tv which charges 2 Euros per match or 3,99 for the 3 matches. All football teams are involved in such broadcasts and the shooting in studio is composed of a show dealing with pre and post match. Here technical details of the games are analyzed with present and past glories and guests. The Italian sponsor of the channel is the telco mobile operator TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile).

4th January 2016

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Interview with Alfredo Nardoni, Tech resp.

SuperTennis and 4K, December 2015

SuperTennis is the TV channel of the Italian Tennis Federation and available for free on channel 64 of the digital TV, in HD on satellite platform SKY channel 224 and the number 30 of Tivùsat, as well as simulcast streaming on www.supertennis.tv.

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Giglio Group, Media Factory 3.0

Born in 2003, Giglio Group Spa has established itself in the world with a network of contents distribution on different platforms. The Group controls two other companies: Nautical Channel and TV HK Giglio. The first is a channel distributed in 43 countries, five continents and six languages. It is dedicated to boating and water sports, visible in HD throughout Europe and Russia.

December 2015

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Test in Turin: wireless HD with Ultra Slow Motion 4K camera.

Cinevideo I-Movix for Champions with Mediaset

November 2015

First in Italy to adopt the hyper slow motion I-Movix system, Cinevideo of Pescara now refreshes with new 4K UHD camera and starts test shootings in HD with wireless delivery.
This tv production company has bought a 4K Ultra Slow Motion camera for special sports occasions. It is being used on Wednesday, November 25 in Turin for the Champions League match. It is used in HD for Mediaset, rights holder, and for the first time wirelessly, then with a RF link and free to wander on field.

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The new International tv player is "The Alliance", aimed at the global market, especially European.


Three Italian companies of great blend in October gave life to "The Alliance": One-Tv, Global Production and SBP.
They officially stand as among the largest players in the Italian market and certainly one of the largest in Europe.
One of the major strengths of The Alliance are the technical equipments, which are quite extensive: nine-OB Van in HD including two "brought a dowry" from SBP, four are Global Production's and three One-TV's. Again, speaking of tech details, The Alliance offers four flight case solutions to be transported in special containers, going quietly on scheduled flights.
These OB-Van and flight cases are the same SBP is currently using to manage all the shots of the Moto GP races.

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Mediaset Premium: Soccer Passion

October 2015 

Mediaset, since 1992 with Champions League, has renewed their commitment.
Premium, the on demand pay tv by Mediaset, has the exclusive broadcast rights for the next 2 editions of the UEFA Champions League. Yves Confalonieri, Editorial Contents Director, says: "For us it is clear that the Champions League is not only an investment in tv rights, although quite expensive. It is a real big event. In fact not only it involves the transmissions of the matches in high quality, but also the entire event management, such as pre and post matches from studio. We have added new talents, and we want to return the excitement typical of the stadium.
The choice of the set design in studio also tries to restore the vision of the curve in the stadium, with the conductors virtually present in the venue.

Fabio Cazzaniga, Director of Sports Productions says: "I am managing a team of 45 people with executive producers, an international office that oversees the management of the UEFA contract with all technical specifications (Broadcaster Manual). 145 matches are to be produced and in Italy and we also have an obligation to produce all the matches of the Italian teams, so the home games of Roma and of Juventus. Besides that, we have the ability to integrate all the other matches abroad, I.e. customize the international clean feed with Italian contents.
The commitment is considerable and, for example, in the customization we were asked for a dedicated camera exclusively shooting images to be relayed to the study in Milan that handles pre and post matches, showing images on special monitors walls within the sets and returning a stadium feeling. This camera is usually placed on the second seats row, so we are equipped to bring the viewer more and more "inside the stadium."
Mediaset fields ob-vans to broadcast the international clean feed and even a smaller mobile vehicle to realize the customization for Italian broadcasts. For example, for the recent Roma-Barcelona match we deployed 135 people, talents, technicians and operators, with two control rooms, one dedicated to the international signal and one the the exclusive personalization of the national signal.
In addition, we defined that when our teams play abroad, the people involved in integration images are around 35, and employ more than six cameras.
We want to be less American style and more Italian to enhance the product we have, respecting the Italian character of the parent company profile, Mediaset."

Luca Festa, Executive Director says: "The technical specifications of the Uefa is not compelling, they indicate the use of a mandatory minimum 14 cameras and since we like to do things right, in some cases-as in the first game of the group stage, Roma Barcelona - we deployed as many as 23 cameras.
Commitment is heavy and it took even a spidercam which is an investment for the costs.
Then two mobile production units are involved, the one that governs the international video feed and the one dedicated to the personalization for the Italian market.
Euroscena from Rome is the tech service company that was chosen to cover Roma Barcelona and many other sports events.
In addition to the spidercam we added a Hypermotion, always maximum coverage on the back goal vision and the front; then we use two steadicam, two cameras in reverse shots that capture grimaces, faces and expressions of coaches, plus two cameras pointed directly on the public called "fan reaction" able to catch every public sensation.

The Sports Agency, the editorial working group by Premium, not only has to worry about feeding the various sports channels of Premium, but must also produce stories for the news TG5 and various contributions for Italia 1, then everything broadcast on the FTA channels.
The UEFA today also requires continuous recording of all cameras in XDCAM Isocam since they produce a video magazine linked to the Champions League.
All the signals of the cameras are recorded simultaneously and the two vehicles directed talk to each other on a the network, so each image of each of the two vehicles is provided for the other and feasible for broadcast."




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