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FaitalPRO Neodymium professional loudspeakers

company profile Neodymium Professional Drivers

FAITAL has specialized in the design and manufacture of loudspeakers since its formation in 1958.
With a total of 40% of the Italian market in the early 1960’s Faital has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of loudspeakers in Europe.
The company has always continued to focus on its technical and industrial skills.
Currently Faital has 8 manufacturing plants worldwide and 16 automated production lines with full quality control.

Faital Group Overview
Faital S.p.A. Italy World HQ - R&D , Sales
Faital S.p.A. Italy Production Plant
PMB S.A. Mexico Production , Sales
Sofaital S.A. France Production , R&D , Sales
FIA S.A. Spain Production Plant
MHG K.F.T. Hungary Production Plant
Faital USA Inc. Logistics , Sales

The expertise fostered by regular investment in the growth of our Research and Development Department has resulted in the launch of three new lines of drivers.
Faital commitment to the industry is demonstrated by the creation of a division dedicated to the development of pro-audio drivers.
The new division of Faital, “FaitalPRO”, was launched at the 2006 winter NAMM Show and subsequent appearances at PROLIGHT + SOUND 2006 in Frankfurt and the 2007 winter NAMM SHOW .

FaitalPRO Exhibitions
Prolight+Sound 2006
NAMM 2006
NAMM 2007
Prolight+Sound 2007

FaitalPRO Division
 A newly designed automated production line for the manufacturing of professional woofers has been installed at our Italian plant near Milan.
Consistent quality is assured: in order to ensure the constant quality of our products the major mechanical assemblies in our drivers are fully automated.
The development of a manufacturing process that combines the latest technology and superb craftsmanship is the result of decades of experience in the automotive process.
Highly skilled personnel with over ten years experience in the assembly of loudspeakers are dedicated to the most critical assemblies in the production process

FaitalPRO Products
Two complete lines of neodymium woofers
 Professional Series  Highly reliable  Versatile design for all applications  Extremely Light weight
 High Performance Series  Innovative electromechanical solutions (patented neodymium cooling system)  High power with outstanding power-to-weight ratio  excellent mechanical reliability even when under continuous stress
FaitalPRO Products
 All our loudspeakers are engineered and manufactured in Italy

 We guarantee all our professional drivers for 100 hours continuous power handling according to the IEC 268.5 standard and at least 2 hours AES standard at full nominal power
 Strict and continuous controls are carried out on all products (heritage of Faital’s extensive experience in the very demanding automotive and Hi-Fi markets)
 Our drivers are 100% tested
at the end of the production line
 Samples’ statistical checks

Faital Awards
Quality Master Award From Nissan in June 2005
President’s Award From CAMI in 2005
Saturn Supplier Quality Award

Excellence in Quality for
Production Year 2002

QSTP Award "Supplier Of The Year" From GM from 1993 to 2000
Qualitas Award From FIAT in 2001
Order Of Merit From Sony in 1997

Research & Innovation
Presented Papers
Oct. 2001 - A software tool for real-time modeling and simulation of car audio, ATT Barcelona (Spain)
Mar. 2002 - Quality measurement and evaluation of vehicle audio systems, SAE Detroit (USA)
May 2002 -A novel synthesis approach to loudspeaker design, 112th Convention

AES - Munich (Germany)
Jun. 2002 - Experimental determination of air influence on loudspeaker cone vibration by scanning laser Doppler vibrometer, International conference on vibration measurements by laser techniques, Ancona (Italy)
May 2003 -Discrete-time modeling and simulation of vehicle audio system, ISCAS Bangkok (Thailand)
Sept. 2003 - A novel synthesis approach to loudspeaker design - further research,

AES Milan (Italy)
May 2004 - Evaluating different Vehicle Audio Environments through a novel Software-based System, 116th Convention AES -Berlin (Germany)
June 2006- IEEE –(transactions on ind.electr.) Industry-oriented software-based system for quality evaluation of vehicle audio environments

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