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FaitalPro è la divisione professionale della Faital S.p.A., con base a S.Donato Milanese, Milano. Faital, è un gruppo multinazionale nel settore dell'audio da quasi cinquant'anni. Certificata da standard internazionali, vanta filiali e impianti produttivi in sei nazioni. Progettazione, esperienza e innovazione applicata si sommano a processi produttivi tecnologici molto avanzati tesi a creare prodotti d'altissima qualità, senza compromessi. Ogni prodotto della linea FaitalPRO viene progettato meticolosamente e internamente in ambienti CAD e FEA e poi testato per garantirne assoluta consistenza qualitativa audio e affidabilità heavy-duty. L'impiego di NdFeB, speciali sistemi per dissipare il calore e tecnologie particolari consentono sensibili riduzioni nel peso, grande resistenza in potenza e performance di riferimento per un'affidabilità totale in tutti gli ambienti e le esigenze delle applicazioni pro-audio.
Faital S.p.A. Via B. Buozzi 12 - 20097 - S. Donato Milanese - Italy - Tel.: +39 02 527703.1 - Fax: +39 02 5231130
Faital USA Inc. 220 West Parkway - Unit 13 - Pompton Plains NJ 07444 - U.S.A. - Phone: +1.973.835.2211 - Fax: +1.973.835.5055
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New FaitalPRO 6RS140 at prolight+sound 2018 (midrange woofer)

FaitalPRO, renowned Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, officially launches three new models at the prolight + sound 2018 (Hall 3.1, Booth B61), all with great appeal for the professional audio market.
They are three cone speakers, namely two 6" drivers for medium and low-medium frequencies, and an 18" super woofer dedicated to the reproduction of the lowest frequencies.

We are now introducing the 6RS140 midrange driver woofer.

Flavio Naggi Commercial Director of FaitalPRO explains: "We are presenting two drivers at the prolight + sound dedicated to the mid-frequency range. The 6PR160 model which is designed for use as a very high efficiency pure mid-range with tonal perfection, and the 6RS140 mid-range woofer.
The 6RS140 driver, is also designed to work perfectly in the vocal playback range, and goes down to 6,000 Hz in the lower part of the acoustic spectrum.
This greater extension in frequency response allows us to recommend it as a medium-low driver."

This model, of course, continues to confirm the quality of FaitalPRO. It is based on experience from innovative technological projects applied in other successful products in the catalog and maintains many advantages. To name a few, the great reliability, the excellent tonal yield, the maximum power handling of 400 W, (200 continuous power) and the sensitivity of 93 dB.
This cutting edge, unique mid-woofer adopts a 44 mm coil, a rubber edge, and neodymium circuit.

It is a real step forward in the FaitalPRO catalog.

Flavio Naggi comments: "Conceptually it goes to fill a "gap" in the FaitalPRO catalog because until today we have not proposed a 6" rubber edge mid-woofer.
We have imported this concept from the great experience of our parent company Faital that has been making top quality loudspeakers for 60 years.
In addition, the rubber edge was chosen because one of its typical characteristic is to be able to go down lower in frequency when compared to the typical cloth edge and, in fact, we wanted to achieve a more decisive performance in the medium low frequencies."

The ideal target use is in two-way systems, such as a studio monitor or in a multi-purpose multi-way system, combined with a woofer of more generous dimensions as a reinforcement on the very low frequencies.
The choice of neodymium allows us to minimize both the weight and the depth of the speaker making it compact and ideal when these two features are a must, as in line arrays for touring.
The optimization of the magnetic circuit has allowed high performance in terms of sensitivity, 93dB.
As with all FaitalPRO range the 6RS140 is completely waterproof and therefore ideal for typical harsh outdoor applications.
The magnetic assembly provides a demodulator allowing the 6RS140 a greater frequency extension and a reduction in distortion.
The central hole designed into the magnet structure regulates the compression of the loudspeaker and also guarantees excellent ventilation.
The net result is an extremely versatile loudspeaker capable of working with very powerful amplifiers.



Press Images available here: LINK

New FaitalPRO 18XL2000 at prolight+sound 2018: "a pinnacle for bass"

FaitalPRO, renowned Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, officially launches three new models at the prolight + sound 2018 (Hall 3.1, Booth B61), all with great appeal for the professional audio market.
They are three cone speakers, namely two 6" drivers medium and low-medium frequencies, and an 18" super woofer dedicated to the reproduction of the lowest frequencies.

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Craig Bernabeu of SBS Slammer: "FaitalPRO from top to bottom"

Craig "Shorty" Bernabeu, from his NY headquarters, has been in business since 2002. He is well known for building high-end audio systems under the brand name "SBS Slammer", and manufacturing his own electronics, mainly amplifiers and processors, under the brand name "SBS Design". In March of 2016 Craig opened up his flagship nightclub and showroom called Analog BKNY in Brooklyn NY. Analog BKNY is based around his SBS Slammer Series 1 v3 speaker system and the SBS Design line. This past December Craig opened up a new second showroom called "Nowadays", located in Queens NY. Nowadays has the Intelligence Series sound system.

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Jurgen Franzen of FaitalPRO talks to Arnoud Van Buren

Jurgen Franzen FaitalPRO (right in image): "Please can you give us a brief company history or overview such as who you are, you range of activities and the customer groups you focus on."

Arnoud Van Buren of ACINT pro audio: "We are a Dutch company with headquarters in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands, importer, exporter, and audio innovator. We opened up in 2001 in order to design and sell professional audio equipment; speakers, amps, and audio processing.
Since the start of this new adventure we have been focusing mostly on the entertainment audio market, as per retail selling and rental equipment.

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Flipside Soundsystem, at the houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK

Powering live events and PA with FaitalPRO

The primary qualtity of Flipside Soundsystem's business is perhaps "flexibility". From their London headquarters, they offer a fully comprehensive range of pro-audio expertise.
James Cooper, the owner, confirms: "In trying to help end users directly, we are consultants for our clients, also for companies and professionals who need to reach for the best possible sound quality available. Our goal is providing a total uncompromised sound quality combined with a practical solution."

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FaitalPRO meets Mode Audio (part 2)


"The sound quality of the MODE AUDIO / PIL-series was unavoidably impressive!" Ruben Rodriguez.

Founded by Ruben Rodriguez in 2008, Mode Audio headquarters are located in Los Angeles California.
Ruben was also the original co-founder of Vue Audio which is now operating worldwide under its new ownership. His designs are being used every day by the most demanding sound engineers in the industry.
Gianluca Turra, Area Manager Pro-Audio Division of FaitalPRO caught up with Ruben Rodriguez and managed to get some interesting updates as well as an insight on a couple of remarkable recent installations.

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