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FaitalPro è la divisione professionale della Faital S.p.A., con base a S.Donato Milanese, Milano. Faital, è un gruppo multinazionale nel settore dell'audio da quasi cinquant'anni. Certificata da standard internazionali, vanta filiali e impianti produttivi in sei nazioni. Progettazione, esperienza e innovazione applicata si sommano a processi produttivi tecnologici molto avanzati tesi a creare prodotti d'altissima qualità, senza compromessi. Ogni prodotto della linea FaitalPRO viene progettato meticolosamente e internamente in ambienti CAD e FEA e poi testato per garantirne assoluta consistenza qualitativa audio e affidabilità heavy-duty. L'impiego di NdFeB, speciali sistemi per dissipare il calore e tecnologie particolari consentono sensibili riduzioni nel peso, grande resistenza in potenza e performance di riferimento per un'affidabilità totale in tutti gli ambienti e le esigenze delle applicazioni pro-audio.
Faital S.p.A. Via B. Buozzi 12 - 20097 - S. Donato Milanese - Italy - Tel.: +39 02 527703.1 - Fax: +39 02 5231130
Faital USA Inc. 220 West Parkway - Unit 13 - Pompton Plains NJ 07444 - U.S.A. - Phone: +1.973.835.2211 - Fax: +1.973.835.5055
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Andrew Richardson of FaitalPRO talks wth Mr. M. B. Canteenwala of Sanaeya (sitting to the right of the picture)

Sanaeya is an old timer Indian company Founded by Mr. M. B. Canteenwala in 1982.

The headquarters are in the department of Gujarat Government.
Since the foundation, the owner has continued to build on his company resources with emphasis on quality, professionality and increasing the capital value... with sensing a need to provide customized solutions.

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"OUR PRODUCTS ARE A CRIME OF PASSION", James Cooper FlipSide Soundsystem

Andrew Richardson, AREA/OEM SALES Pro-Audio Division of FaitalPRO, and James Cooper, FlipSide, British manufacturer and pro audio specialist

Andrew Richardson, FaitalPRO: "James, can you describe your company in brief, who you are, the range of activities, customers base and focus etc?"

James Cooper, Flipside Soundsystem: "Flipside Soundsystem, based in London, pride ourselves on our flexibility and varied range of expertise, having proven ourselves as loudspeaker designers, installers, sound consultants and PA hirers. Our clients range from London's leading nightclubs and promoters to touring bands and corporate venues like the Houses of Parliament."

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Over the years, the team behind Indian company "Stonewater" has been responsible for award winning products and has become the preferred choice of installation sound for many premium global brands in the hospitality, entertainment and retail industry within India. Stonewater comes with a rich technical heritage of over 42 years of experience with cutting edge innovation in the field of electronics and electro-mechanics. A strong R&D is coupled with a global manufacturing base that spans between Europe, China and India. Specialising in loudspeaker development, their state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with precision measuring equipment and the latest simulation software required for development. Their true asset however, is an enthusiastic team of brilliant engineers who bring with them decades of industry experience in India and Europe. The development team also includes professional musicians. Their keen sense for tone and balance allow to make the best use of both machine-based objective testing, as well as the sensibilities of seasoned human experience in the engineering workflow.

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Aaron Boothe of Precise Audio and FaitalPRO.

Reliable, efficient, versatile and professional: Precise audio, UK speaker systems manufacturer.Aaron Boothe of Precise Audio describes his company: "Precise Audio Uk is a British establishment launched in 2009. We design and manufacture professional speakers systems, processors, amplifiers and accessories.

Our goal is to provide high quality sound system solutions for a wide array of applications such as live music venues, schools, churches, bars, night clubs and DJ systems for festivals.

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"FaitalPRO is making new international benchmarks in its category." AERONS (INDIA) EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED

AERONS (INDIA) EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED: "FaitalPRO is making new international benchmarks in its category."
Andrew Richardson Area and OEM Manager of FaitalPRO talks to Ankit Gupta of Aerons, India.

Andrew Richardson: Mr. Gupta, can you give us an overview of your company, who you are, the range of activities, your customers and your focus.

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"FaitalPRO: smart ear to the street!"

Craig Shorty Bernabeu, SBS Slammer, describes his business with FaitalPRO.
A few weeks ago we published a first round of thoughts from Craig "Shorty" Bernabeu, of SBS Slammer. What follows is the second part of the talk.
My name is Craig SBS Shorty Bernabeu, I have been in the audio industry from the mid 80'ss, working on Richard Long sound systems at Club Zanzibar & Club 88. I then went on to be a sound technician at many NYC night clubs in the Mid 90's, then to Twilo in NYC and also worked at PDS electronics for Steve Dash of Phazon and other clubs.
In 2002 David Morales Hired SBS to re-engineer and re design at Stereo in MTL, which gained SBS many awards for my analog technology.

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