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Where you can experience the best in INSTALLED SOUND!

127esima convention AES: Where you can experience  the best in INSTALLED SOUND!
If you work in installed sound, then AES is a can't-miss show! With a full conference track, manufacturer exhibits showcasing the latest technology, and Technical Tours of some of the finest systems on the East Coast, AES is the place to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques in the always-evolving industry.

Some of the Technical Tours include:

* NYU Steinhardt
* AT&T Global Network Operations Center
* Alice Tully Hall

...and many more.

Some of the sessions include:

* What Shape Will User Interfaces for Audio Take in the Future?
* Blu-ray as a High Resolution Audio Format for Stereo and Surround
* Paper Session: Consumer Audio
* Paper Session: Loudspeakers in Rooms

...and many more.

On top of the full conference program and the opportunity to network with your peers, AES also offers a look at the latest and developing tools for the industry.

Manufacturers exhibiting at AES include:

* Audio-Technica
* Audio Precision
* Bag End Loudspeakers & Acoustics
* Belden
* Crown International
* Community Professional Loudspeakers
* dbx Professional Products
* Drawmer
* Eventide, Inc.
* JBL Professional
* Lexicon Professional
* Mackie
* Monster
* Shure Incorporated
* Soundcraft
* TransAudio Group
* Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems

...and many more.

AES is only a few weeks away.
Make your plans to attend and
click here to register today!





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