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ARD-aktuell goes HD for news with Quantel

German broadcaster relies on Enterprise sQ for speed to air and stability

Newbury, UK, 14 May 2014: German broadcaster ARD-aktuell went on-air in April with a full HD service for all its news broadcasts, with production powered by a Quantel Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system. ARD-aktuell, whose flagship 'Tagesschaü' program is the most-watched daily news show in Germany, has relied on Quantel technology for news production since 2006. The move to all-HD production required a major upgrade of ARD-aktuell's Quantel system, all carried out while daily news production operations continued unaffected.

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Atlona ® Webinar: Comprensione e utilizzo di uno switch Matrix',

Atlona Academy Webinar s4 febbraio

Atlona ® ha annunciato a fine gennaio che terrà il primo di una serie seminari sul web tecnici denominati Atlona Academy. Il primo webinar, intitolato "Comprensione e utilizzo di una matrice switch", è previsto per il 4 febbraio alle 11:00 PST (14:00 EST), e sarà ospitato dall'Atlona Technical Sales Support Engineer, Eric Thielemann. La sessione di un'ora fornirà una profonda esplorazione delle domande sulla famiglia di matrici Atlona oltre a definire lo standard HDBaseT e il suo ruolo nella distribuzione AV.

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Pablo Rio proves that quality matters for post

Quantel's high quality color and finishing system grows post revenues by 50%

Newbury, UK, 23 January 2014: Quantel announced today that sales of its Pablo Rio high quality color and finishing system in its first year of release have grown the company's sales into the post production market by 50%.

"Pablo Rio proves that quality still has value in the world of post production," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "That means quality in the widest sense - technical, editorial and creative. It shows that when a business can deliver quality for the right budget then customers really value that capability. And that is why Pablo Rio is being chosen by so many users across movie, drama and commercials post production.

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infrastruttura universitaria svizzera in partner con Riedel

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Partners With Riedel to Build Fiber Infrastructure

WUPPERTAL, Germany — Jan. , 2014 — Riedel Communications, a leading provider of real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, today announced that the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in Basel has installed a Riedel MediorNet media network to provide real-time audio and video to any point on the university campus. The MediorNet installation, undertaken cooperatively by Riedel and FHNW, represents the first such fiber backbone established at a university in Switzerland.

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Television 2025: New report from IDATE on the future of TV

Live TV vs. on demand viewing: what does tomorrow's world have in store
for broadcasting?

Montpellier, September 2013 – IDATE has released the latest edition of its report devoted to the future of TV, and to video distribution as a whole. Supported by its latest research, IDATE indicates a tipping point in TV industry evolution, predicting changes in viewer behaviour and evolving business models, as the new industry player hierarchy is now taking shape. In this report, IDATE identifies how current consumer behaviour is shaping TV services for future years.

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Albania’s A1Report takes innovative approach to sports and news content

1st June 2013.     Based in Albania but international in its reach thanks to the Hotbird satellite, the A1Report television channel is available on analogue and DVB-T, as well as via a web-streaming service.
Technical director Olger Teneqexhi outlines the purpose of the channel: "We are operational 24/7 with news and information in a continuous cycle. Politics, events and economic news are central, while we dedicate a very important moment to sports at the end of every newscast. We run a team of eight reporting troupes with different cameras in full HD, some from Panasonic, and some can be remotely controlled."

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