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International growth strategy. New acquisition of Euro Media Group

On June 17th, 2019 Euro Media Group officially marks the acquisition agreement of Global Production, the Italian company based in Turin specialized in Outside Broadcast television.

Euro Media Group is certainly a reference name in the European landscape of radio and television and audiovisual services that officially presents itself for "a unique know-how and world-renowned expertise to manage the entire production chain, from image creation to distribution".

This name appears as a technological partner in important international events, including sports (Tour de France, Ryder Cup, FIFA World Cup, UEFA and Formula 1 European Championships, etc.), live performances (Eurovision, MTV Awards, BRIT Awards and live events, etc.) and entertainment-based shows (The Voice, Masterchef, X-Factor, etc.).
2019 has already seen another acquisition - always by Euro Media Group - of Telegenic, in the United Kingdom, always with a view to strengthening and global growth of its business.
This expansion, therefore, continues and in the wake of a success that derives from a strong involvement in the new media and a great orientation in the TV market thanks to the dual commitment on the front of direct management of a wide range of production studios and one of the largest fleets of OB Vehicles in Europe.
It is precisely in this direction - that is external production using high-tech mobile vans and trucks- that this arrangement becomes even stronger thanks to the acquisition of the new Italian partner Global Production, super specialized in "on-site" filming. In fact, Global brings new high-level productive forces based on four mobile and high-firepower vehicles, called OB6, OB7, OB8 and OB9 respectively.

OB 6 is a 16,50m HD VAN equipped with up to 30 GrassValley LDK86N cameras with 4K HDR, 3x, 6x lenses and active licenses, which uses technologies on board by Imagine Communications Platinum IP3 Wideband as Audio and Video matrices, 6 Multiviewer HViewSX PRO, audio and video glue from Imagine Communications Selenio series, 96 channel DIGICO SD7 audio mixer, Riedel Artist 128 intercom system, LG LCD 55 "monitor (production area), LG LCD 32" monitor (Slomo area), SONY PVM monitor -1741 (Engineering Area); for the Slomo on board we find up to 10 EVS recorders or similar LiveSlomotion and for recording mixed formats HDCAM-XDCAM, Hyperdeck 4K, and then distribution, reclock, video embedder-deembedder, analogue audio distributors, 3G Video and Audio devices with cards of Frame Sync card and Color Corrector and Delay, 3G Video Cross Converter, Imagine Communication measuring devices, GRASS VALLEY Video Switcher KAYAK HD300 - 4.5ME and much more.

The OB7 - OB VAN HD, 16 m trailer, is equipped with up to 26 cameras of which 22 Grass Valley LDX-80, 4 Sportcam LDK 8200 / LDX-86 / N, a Thomson LDK 8000 Radio link HD and two "LINK" radio links; the 26 lenses are from Canon Hj series, glues from Imagine Communications Platinum series IP3, 48 channels Digico D5 Live digital audio mixer, Grass Valley KAYAK HD300 Video Switcher - 4.5ME, Riedel Artist 128 Intercom System, recording on Sony XDCAM HD, HDCAM, DIGITAL BETACAM, IMX and Slomotion Multicam LSM EVS XT (2) HD 6.6.6 6ch. and EVS X-FILES, with Sony monitors.

OB 8 is the well known in the market track, described several times by the press [LINK, LINK] which is considered a recognized reference for native 4K UHD HDR productions in Italy. It manages up to 30 GVG LDX 86N Permanent licenses, 4K / HDR lenses, FUJINON UA 90X9 4K, FUJINON UA 22x8 4K, FUJINON UA13x4.5 4K, 10 onboard replays, plus full baseband operation but also certified IP infrastructure. It has two separate internal parallel galleries with independent accesses useful for example as a host and as a customization at the same time.
OB9 is a truck with double expansion that operates in HD technology, which was in force at 3Zero2TV and which was sold to Global Production.

Philosophy and structure
The basic idea of this acquisition is to create an even greater concentration of forces, in fact Euro Media Group, in order to strengthen its presence in Italy and South Europe, has acquired Global Production, entrusting it to personally follow the market of television events managed with OB-Van, given the greater experience demonstrated in this sector by the latter.
Davide Furlan Global CEO and partner confirms: "Already in Italy we are the largest structure in terms of number of OB-Van, number of technologies, number of cameras and personnel involved in technical management. And now, as will happen for the Universiadi in Naples, the opportunity to deploy other EMG group structures will guarantee an even more powerful fire power with technological resources never seen before. "
Likewise, in the event of our involvement in European events, we can send our specialized personnel with the typical Italian authorial skills, and use Euro Media Group mobile devices on site, without having to send our vehicles from here."
Stefano Bianco, Director and Global partner points out: "All the technical staff and crews on board the mobile vehicles operating today will remain in this new configuration. Today we succeed in winning many contracts with RAI, SKY, Mediaset, Ferrari, Infront, Dorna, because we guarantee not only the top of technology but also the Italian crew that knows uses, ways and mentality on the territory.
Even Patrick van den Berg, co-CEO of EMG, confirmed that this very strong concept of Global Production's corporate profile was central to the choice of acquisition.
At the same time, a business segment of 3Zero2 TV, the sub-fund specifically for OB-Van, joins Global Production and it is no coincidence that the OB9 mobile vehicle of the
 Media Group fleet derives from 3Zero2TV.
The advantage is a reciprocal one, in fact the television production in Italy managed by Global Production will now be able to take advantage of the immense technological fleet of mobile vehicles which Euro Media Group has in Europe.
It is no coincidence that we have made a projection of the use of TV facilities for the next three years and although we talk a lot about remote production, we are sure that the future is still linked to production based on the mobile vehicles and - however - even after the three-year period there will still be productions where remote production is not possible or not entirely convenient."
Davide Furlan concludes: "Global Production in recent times has been courted by the major international groups of international media production precisely following the general characteristic that sees the concentration and consolidation of large and strong productive groups to contend for the various markets. Global has received many interesting proposals that have all been carefully evaluated. But we two administrators have made a choice of this industrial project, in fact EMG has as characteristic the ability to strengthen the companies that it acquires and maintain its strong identity that characterizes them. "

Caption, left to right:
Davide FURLAN (AD Global) - Francois-Xavier QUENIN (EMG Strategy & Development Director) - Stefano BIANCO (AD Global) - Patrick VAN DEN BERG (EMG Co-CEO)


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