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"The big brother"! The new NVP OB6.

Double production, remotization and robotization in 4K HDR.

On the market since 2007, and headquartered in Sicily,  is a company specialized in international TV production.
They are dedicated to major television events, sports, film, TV programs of all kinds, fiction, sports, concerts and shows.
The NVP owns 4 ob vans, of which two are the most recent mobile vehicles, OB4 (active for 18 months on very high level production) and OB6, brand new, close to launch, scheduled for early September.

Not by chance they call them "twins" because they reproduce very similar characters and are nicknamed "the gentle giant" and the more recent, OB6, "the big brother".
The central nodes of the two vehicles are the great flexibility, the potential, the know-how profited by NVP and due to 15 years of experience in the field.
The common features are operation with 28 4K GrassValley LDX 86N cameras, UHD HDR outputs, 6 EVS XT-VIA, up to 30 UHD inputs - 12 UHD outputs, SAM IP-3G-fiber hybrid platform, Virtual Studio Manager, Clearcom Eclipse communications HX IP-MADI -FREESPEK II, SAM KHAUNA 9600 Format Video Mixer Fusion, Full LAWO MC56II 4 audio with double surface NOVA 73 LAWO.
Both are 14-meter trailers born for 4K production in HDR and are equipped with dual video and separate audio staging, with totally separate physical inputs. The two distinct crews can operate without any interaction or interference, as per recent requests from the Italian market.
Even on the new OB6, even the technical area has a separate, dedicated access.
Both are able to simultaneously realize a large event and at the same time an integration or "personalization", as well as two major events as a host, in the case, for example, of two adjacent venues.
Just a USB memory stick is enough to export all the complete configuration of a vehicle and bring it back to the other in zero time.

The layout of the vehicle follows the general technical concept that sees them designed to adapt to the maximum possible demand of the market today and tomorrow.
Spaces are exploited to the maximum and as far as technique and capacity are concerned, the operational possibilities of the vehicles are extensible and certainly not limited only to 4K.
The core manages the 28 4K HDR cameras, for a total of 30 Ultra HD channels of incoming video server and 24 Ultra HD output. Everything is managed by an unlimited VSM operating platform that allows the virtualization of any system and the interaction of each machine with the other.
The meticulous design, which lasted five months, was performed entirely by NVP and Ivan Pintabona, co-owner, achieving maximum interaction with the superior controller that is VSM Virtual Studio Manager.
This controller interfaces with all the machines and creates a superior management system that can be piloted totally even remotely (even an app would be enough to control all the functions of the OB van from a remote location).
Ivan pintabona emphasizes: "it is a vehicle conceived with a futuristic vision able to be a reference for at least a decade and already winks in a total way to remotizations, robots and derivatives."
A 14-meter platform equipped with two expansions, one on the entire length on one side and the other two on the other side. On board a SAM platform manages all the hybrid IP-3G-fiber core and a Kahuna 9600 full video mixer with six boards implemented in addition to a modular Maverick double bench that drives seamless monitor walls, fully assignable to the directors' requests.
Basically, elasticity is one of the biggest advantages of this medium, which hosts Lawo MC 56II and Nova 73 matrix sound banks, Ravenna, Dante boards, and total Madi interconnections. For the intercom, Clearcom HX was chosen, which implements the new boards with operating antennas in IP.

The VSM core interfaces with all the controllers of the whole vehicle and makes every directorial unit interact.
It is therefore virtually possible to remote everything, even from a thousand kilometers.
The general design, the choice of equipment, the direction for equipments and systems and the know-how are by Ivan Pintabona and NVP, while the systems integrator is from the Video Progetti team who oversaw the total development and executive design with the team composed by Riccardo Ferrari, Marco Annibali, Diego Pennacchia, always under the coordination of NVP.
It took seven to eight months for the realization.


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