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The Alliance launches a 4K HDR and 5.1 surround sound vehicle\

UnitONE: Living, Space and Power "best in class"
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With an active fleet of 8 ob-van, 4 transportable flight-case systems and several configurable mobile video wireless systems, The Alliance is defined as "a solid and state-of-the-art group that, having reunited three prestigious brands in the industry of European television production. They created a new and unique reality for television production, with great experience and know-how."

Founded in 2016, The Alliance has gathered in one hub three of the largest Italian broadcasting production companies, Global Production, One TV and SBP, with several headquarter locations in Milan, Rome, Padua and Turin. Behind this alliance, Professional Show is the operating technology branch, the system integrator who made it possible to create a new mobile vehicle that exemplifies the two concepts on which The Alliance is based and proposes to customers, namely the decisive technological orientation and fusion of top-level broadcasting skills to human resources.
Leonardo Garardi of Professional Show confirms: "This mobile vehicle underscores our will to become even more central in top quality television production at European level, in fact we act as a hub: our job is to try to develop the market and this truck is the ideal tool."

The launch
On 3rd and 4th October, the brand new unitONE unit was officially presented at Professional Show maih headquarter in Limena, near Padua.
Andrea Gianolli, CTO of The Alliance tells us: "unitONE is a 14-meter truck, set up to handle up to 30 cameras; it is a joint project with Professional Show coordinated by me as CTO. Based on 4 expansions, it offers a 72 square foot walkable area, based on a Tomassini Style bodywork, and a clever mix of design, engineering, materials choice, equipments, electrical systems, monitoring, infrastructure assembly, all built "in house"."
A truck that when reaches the destination opens two bellow expansions on the left and two on the right side. An ambitious project that took almost a year to complete, starting from scratch. When you read these notes, unitONE is already operating at Ciak Theater in Milan until the end of the year with the X-Factor tv program.
From 2018 onwards, it will be used in Moto GP circuits and in the European grand prix for Dorna as a host broadcaster and later for other uses at the time to be defined.
In the coming weeks, the team will decide to purchase 4K full HDR cameras - which is currently being negotiated between two competitors (Grass Valley and Sony). The Super Slow-mo section is also in the process of being defined and at this time the system contemplates EVS and BLT's slow motion side-by-side systems.
The ob-vehicle stands out for the presence on a double video gallery and a double physically separate audio main control room with independent staff way-ins and doors. This allows to create two different feeds at the same time for two production crews. The broadcaster can bring this single vehicle to the event venue and make, for example, a host feed and customization at the same time.
The onboard technology features are obviously top quality at the moment and the audio section features a 5.1-inch built-in listening system. All on-board video monitors are Samsung high performance, high brightness and contrast; the 256-channel Intercom system is Omneon RTS, with 50 panels, and then matrix, multiviewer and Evertz Glue as listed.

The project
It took two thousand design hours and three months among realization, setup and testing. Many are notable constructional details, such as internal batteries that can power the output for twenty minutes in the event of a mains failure.
The thirty years of experience of those who built this unit feel in many details such as the presence of two isolation transformers, full redundancy, two crosspoint external areas, and separate sections, for the triax for fibers.
Even indoor lights and lighting are made with a home automation system that allows to create situations of light and colorimetry ideal for anyone and any situation.
Besides Andrea Gianolli, Alessandro Scattolin signed the technical coordination, while the design of the audio part is by Stefano Gianolli; Fabio Veggiato is the commercial coordinator for equipments acquisition.
unitONE is an innovative tool that can accommodate 32 workplaces with ample maneuvering spaces. It represents a new standard since The Alliance put into production two other vehicles that will be ready and put on the market in 2018.
At the moment, without cameras and slow-motion (which will be defined before the end of the year), the value of the vehicle is around 3 million and a half Euro, to reach a final value of over six million euros.
The two new mobile vehicles made on the basis this great "module", the first of which will be available in the spring and the second by summer 2018, will re-offer a basic infrastructure that started with this project, but they will be completely customizable for customers in all the necessary sections.
Gianolli continues: "The inner space has been restored by applying a manic care to livability, for the future is to work for many hours in every event. This reflects the current trend of building less production prenises in general in favor of mobile vehicles, considered a better and more modern solution. Our job is to try to develop the market with the right tools like this unitONE."

The technique
And the precious details on board are not over, in fact cables are pretested, guaranteed and then installed. All IT resources are obviously shared by all the on-board personnel thanks to a series of Gigabit V-LANs.
32 workstations are onboard: nine are for RVM and slow motion, alongside 5 production sites, and the main control area that houses the Grass Valley Cayenne mixer with 192 inputs and 92 outputs.
All the video section is wired in 3G baseband at the moment, while the audio section is already configured and operative in IP with Stagetec mixer and Omneon RTX intercom on IP and Dante protocol. The multiviewer IP system is the brand new Evertz 3407 based on 9 cards each equipped with 4 outputs and 36 inputs.
The central matrix is an Evertz EQX 276x276; next to the main control area in a separate room is the tech room and the CCU section with Textronix 4K test equipments.
On board are about fifty Samsung monitors on different sizes, 49", 55", 32", about fifty 16 or 32-button intercom panels, plus some desktop panels used in some of the typical outdoor productions in the stadiums. All the electronics are contained in only 5 racks that only 3-4 years ago made up twice the space on a double row of racks. The system allows quick reconfiguration changes as needed. The Glue, master sync and clock are made with Evertz equipments governed by Magnum Evertz system and Lawo's VSM. Optimizing the electrical system involves servo assisted and non-manual switches and 180 batteries keep the unit operative for about twenty minutes.
Just outside, on one espansion two small Samsung vertical monitors show a digital signage program and return event information.


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