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“14-7-3”... Sports & News by Sky Deutschland

21st November 2012

Starting from scratch to deliver a brand new sports news program was the challenge for Sky Deutschland.

Only 8 months to implement the solution, to establish the workflows and feed the team with the needed skill to produce and broadcast fresh news 19 hours per day every day.

“It was very exciting and the environment limitless” said Francesco Donato Vice President of Broadcast Operations at Sky Deutschland, because with this project “we have been able to freely apply our teorema to create an efficient and powerful system for the German SKY which currently airs 70 channels with more than 40 in High Definition.

The initial brief was to create news and sport stories with the highest quality and freshness, so to perform as specified, around 160 people were employed, among which, about 100 journalists as well as the technical and production staff to create and broadcast contents to feed the linear and the multimedia platform.

With this project one of the targets given was to insist on a revolutionary production system capable of delivering in the hands of the journalists the freedom to control any of the aspects of the editorial process and the ability to easily steer the production process.

“I recall three numbers 14, 7 and 3,” said Francesco Donato, “Fourteen reminds me of the number of people seen some years ago at work in a old style control room; then seven reminds me of the number of people seen at work in a control room few years ago and three are the people presently working in our main control room in SKY Sport News, Germany” and with this sentence he meant to remark how a smart mixture of advanced technology and personnel expertise results with an high level of efficiency and performance.

The solution adopted has been based on systems which are functional thanks to about 500 templates which represents all of the elements part of the rundown of the show.

To allow all this, a team of suppliers delivered their solutions.

Vizrt supplied the real time graphic content creation and delivery platform which performs very well thanks to the graphics templates which has been provided by Reality Check, then on the side of the automation Mosart delivered the system which drives the fully automated studio environment as well as controls all the devices which are typically installed into an Audio/Video gallery like the audio and vision mixer and many other equipments, with the result that almost all the devices are driven from the play-list of the shows which is refreshed every 30 minutes, then, in addition to all this above, Avid provided their Newsroom solution, the play-out devices and the post-production environment.

You can see the results of these choices simply entering into the Gallery, there you will find two Control Room operators and one journalist working to manage the studio play-out through standard PC and dedicated graphical user interface without need to put their fingers on typical broadcast devices and then thanks to this solution the production processes became faster moreover increasing the quality of the product on air and reaching robust operational service level.

Then finally thanks to the optimization of the human participation to the editorial and production processes Sky has been able to reallocate operational budget in favour of SNG, ENG and sport live contribution activities to make the news bulletin always fresh and enriched of contents.


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