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“Beyond Digital Terrestrial Transmissions: evolutions and perspectives”, the “All Digital” third edition in Vicenza

22 June 2012

Italy is almost completing its switch off to digital terrestrial transmissions and everybody is wondering what perspectives this sector has due to its relevant importance from a political, social and economic point of view.

All Digital” (www.alldigitalexpo.it) organized a workshop on these themes in cooperation with Millecanali (Il Sole24Ore editor) with participation of national and local broadcasters in order to give some answers to these questions.

The workshop was held in Vicenza Trade Fair at Sala Trissino (L Pavillion) within the “All Digital”, event and saw active part of Giovanni De Luca – RAI Veneto regional Director, Mauro Roffi keynote speaker editor at Millecanali, describing “Italian market – the stand point”, Davide Rossi – general Director of AIRES (Italian Association of Domestic Appliances Specialized Retailers)

with “The broadcasters' voice”, Vito Di Marco – DGTVi Association, Luigi Rocchi – RAI directof of Strategic Technologies, Davide Bogi TivùSat marketing & comm director, Marco Rossignoli President of Aeranticorallo. Plus, for a more regional view were invited Antonio Platis of Co.re.com Emilia Romagna, Silvio Scanagatta, Vicepres. Co.re.com Veneto, Luca Ancetti - director TVA Vicenza. In the mere technological segment “Technologies speak” we heard the speech of

Sebastiano Trigila - dir. Ricerche Fondazione Bordoni research director and Vicepresident. HD Forum Italia, Cristiano Benzi - pre-sales Director and Eutelsat Customer Care, Davide Ferri of Sisvel Technology Innovative projects developments. Francesco Siliato of Studio Frasi for the conclusions.

Tv broadcasts, networks, home and cinema were the four macro topics discussed on 21 and 22 June within professional Expo-Forum, dedicated to digital technologies and the final tranche of Italian analogic broadcasting switch off. Mauro Roffi said: “This is a particular delicate moment in which Italy and all “digital professionals” are looking at new business models involving multi user integrated systems, home and building automation, residential security, network security, wireless networks, wi-fi applications and most of all digital integrated broadcasting. Digital tv is central to this strategy along with broadband services, smart tv systems and satellite broadcasting for 2D and 3D images.

A bright future then. But contemporarily to this event the comments of many Italian High Frequency equipment manufacturers, after the frenzy of last few years due to the digital DVB-T switch over, are dramatic. One for all Loris Trucchi of Eurotek Srl declared: many broadcasters have switched on only the minimum digital transmission capacity possible. The SFN networks required by Italian law are not working in many, many cases. To limit investments many editors have activated only MFN networks to limit investments and avoid headaches due to bad calculations, but now a cruel reality is knocking. The mainstream is that there still has a lot to be done and many radiant networks will have to be reassembled from scratch. We can also probably foresee a metamorphosis of many editors from national tv broadcasters and big groups into “network operators”. Only one or two tv operators per region will survive, as long as they are able to gather all advertising left on the way from those who won't manage to proceed.”

Again on the digital switch over process Mr. Daniele Bernardi owner of Elber Srl declared that: “the world broadcast industry is facing a deep crisis especially for the general economic situation. In Italy this issue is particularly amplified by our governmental system which offers no certainty at any level. The small commercial tv stations will tend to disappear for several reasons, the first one is they did not properly plan this digital transition, often wasting the many economic contributions allowed by the Italian Ministry of Communications in the latest years. So our company expects a very tough future in the medium long term. Besides economy, the main worries are many, both technical due to lack of serious frequencies planning by the majority, both from the law side, since our government has different “measures” for different regions.

The only HF area in which a certain amount of commercial success is expected is “T2”. But Elber, producing already compliant radio links is probably not involved in this sales escalation.


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