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About Sports Video Group (SVG) Advancing the Creation, Production and Distribution of Sports Content.
The Sports Video Group was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.
Hockey, Judo, F1 Rowing, Sailing, Table Tennis, Skiing, Squash, Cycling, Volleyball, Archery, 3x3 Basketball, Full Court Basketball, Canoeing, Modern Pentathlon, Ice Skating, Muaythai, Extreme Sports, Urban Games and more.

Presspool Roberto Landini is the Italian correspondent for SVGEurope.org


"The big brother"! The new NVP OB6.

Double production, remotization and robotization in 4K HDR.

On the market since 2007, and headquartered in Sicily,  is a company specialized in international TV production.
They are dedicated to major television events, sports, film, TV programs of all kinds, fiction, sports, concerts and shows.
The NVP owns 4 ob vans, of which two are the most recent mobile vehicles, OB4 (active for 18 months on very high level production) and OB6, brand new, close to launch, scheduled for early September.

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Deltatre and the evolution of media: convergence between TV and online

Deltatre is considered a global leader for tv production especially concerning the sport business: digital, mobile, social, broadcast, results, content and professional services.

With offices in Turin, London, Manchester, Geneva, Paris, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, Deltatre has over 30 years' experience at the highest level of international sports.
We met Roberto Sciarretta, Deltatre Business Development Director, and asked him details on the main trends on tv graphics, remote production, IP workflow, and what they call "convergence".

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SKY SVG Summit, June 2018 Milan

Sky Italia and Sports Video Group chose June 19th to host the "Sport Innovation Summit" at the Sky TV production center in Milan, Santa Giulia.

In the presence of about eighty representatives of the major Italian television production services, providers, broadcasters, specialists and research centers, there was a discussion on subjects of great interest from 2 to 6 pm.
Among these, not in order: "the new SkyQ and Multi Platform by SKY" by Massimo Bertolotti (Head of Engineering and Innovation), the "Ocean Rescue" project by Cristina Fenzi, a presentation of "Delta Tre" by Roberto Sciaretta, the "Agile Software Lab" by Carlo Romagnoli and themes even closer to the interests of SVG and on which we focus on here, as "the new study by SKY TG 24 Milan and Rome" by Riccardo Botta (Production Broadcast & Creative Director), "The remote production linked to F1" by Manuela
raschi (Head of Sport production & Operations), "the 4K in sport" by Massimo Bertolotti.

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