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Thank you for visiting FaitalPRO @ Prolight+Sound 2019

We thank you for sharing your time with us on the FaitalPRO booth as well as for the interest shown in the latest products launched during the exhibition.

For those who didn't get a chance to see our new entries at the show, take a look at the brief summary below. You will find an overview of the products launched during the exhibition: two woofers, three subwoofers and a compression driver.

 FaitalPRO 12FX600, 15FX600 and 18FX600

The 12FX600 (12"), 15FX600 (15") and 18FX600 (18") are designed to work at the lower frequencies with a maximum power rating of 1400 W (700 W AES power).
The speakers are all equipped with an innovative neodymium ring magnet assembly and a single demodulation ring designed to work with a specific 3" copper ribbon wire voice coil that guarantees great acoustic pressure and long term reliability.
The greater sensitivity (97, 98, 99 dB respectively) and EBP of 110Hz suggest use in reflex direct radiation speakers with large cross-section tuning ports, bandpass configuration or folded transmission lines like Transflex and Tapped Horn.


Want to know more?
Datasheet 12FX600
Datasheet 15FX600
Datasheet 18FX600


FaitalPRO 12XL1200 and 15XL1200
FaitalPRO introduced two Subwoofers, called 12XL1200 and 15XL1200.
These neodymium high power drivers have been designed with an extremely efficient venting system allowing them to harness great power and at the same time, keep the system extremely cool. Thanks to these characteristics as well as their VAS values they are able to provide "XL" performance in compact applications.

Taking a look at the numbers these models offer a maximum power of 2800 W (1400 W AES) an efficiency of 93 and 97 dB respectively, a BL of 23,6 N / A, an Eta Zero of 0.59% and 1.16%.
The EBP for both is around 100 Hz and makes them perfectly suitable for standard reflex enclosures to obtain a very natural acoustic response.


Want to know more?
Datasheet 12XL1200
Datasheet 15XL1200


FaitalPRO HF1440 neodymium compression driver
The HF1440 is a lightweight compression driver with very compact dimensions, offering direct advantages in the professional market of sound reinforcement, high-level touring systems and fixed installations. The driver has a 1.4" throat with an efficiency of 109 dB and 240W of maximum power (120W AES power).
The magnet assembly is made of higher grade neodymium with an innovative geometry that makes it particularly powerful and guarantees a high induction or flux density in the air gap at 2.2 Tesla. It is equipped with the largest Voice Coil in the FaitalPRO HF driver range (86mm, 3.4" coil) nonetheless its external dimensions are surprisingly compact.

The HF1440 has been successfully designed to allow the user to set the crossover at a relatively low frequency (700 Hz) and at the same time, easily extend the frequency response up to 20kHz.

It gives its best in line array systems, especially in the new generations of lighter and more compact enclosures. It is also ideal in high power acoustic systems as well as in classic two-way PA systems.


Want to know more?
LINK Datasheet HF1440




Press Images available here: LINK


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