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“It was expected; no need to hide it.”

video.jpg "The market shows great appreciation for our loudspeakers, designed using the best of Italian technology". February 2008. "Sooner or later, it was to be this way, as Audio is really in our DNA!" Flavio Naggi's Overseas Sales Managers first comment, very content with the recent leading result of his products being also chosen by Doyle Audio, the Canadian manufacturer.

But let's start from scratch.

The launch

FaitalPRO, a new Faital S.p.A. brand, was launched two years ago by the Italian based company in San Donato Milanese near Milan. The production of these new professional loudspeakers, was meticulously planned on paper, following a structured path with a strong focus on quality, reflected in all the products manufactured using the great experience and passion that defines the firm.

The point of origin

Faital’s point of origin – a renowned manufacturer celebrating exactly 50 years of activity this year – is the ability to design and manufacture loudspeakers in large volumes and at the highest quality level. Yet fitting each single customer’s specific need perfectly. It is not by chance that Faital products are used today in numerous SR and PA applications, by more prestigious brand names and also adopted by the best car manufacturers worldwide. Concentrating on a real number of innovative technologies, sold in millions of units worldwide. It has also won a large number of prizes and international awards for quality.

doyle2.jpgThe point of arrival

The Professional Ranges for Sound Reinforcement created by FaitaPRO is now where the company is at. Stemming from the 50 years of excellence, these new products are a pride to the firm. A point of reference for professionals, these loudspeakers resonate uncompromising quality, a true expression of passion for technology.

The comment

Flavio Naggi confirms: “Before launching FaitalPRO, we invested time (over 2 years) and resources (in R&D). Also analysed the professional audio compartment in order to understand how we could supply high quality transducers – the absolute best and most reliable – to our customers who are making high power systems.”

The challenge was clear: they needed to grab attention in a crowded and competitive market segment, the Sound Reinforcement market: an all but simple task. So FaitalPRO aimed for total quality, repeat results, power handling and efficiency. And, in time, they've created several series of professional loudspeakers meant for different power ranges. For touring, fixed installations of every kind, based on very innovative technical solutions which the market quickly welcomed.

The results

Today, US and European manufacturers have acquired FaitalPRO neodymium loudspeakers for their enclosures. Some of them clearly boast the use of the Italian products as a sign of pride. Whilst others instead, hide the FaitalPRO name and products well within their own products and brand names (oh yes, even rather famous names you may never suspect make use of FaitalPRO loudspeakers). In any case all do agree that FaitalPRO quality “is loud and clear”.

daelogo.jpgAn “endorser” rather than a customer!

Last but not least, a renowned enclosure manufacturer has recently decided to join the FaitalPRO “fan club”. The Italian manufacturer of professional neodymium loudspeaker has been employed by the leading Ontario Canadian based firm “Doyle Audio” Gerard Doyle, the owner, is very satisfied with his choice, resulting from the recent use of 18” FaitalPRO. Hence creating a series of videos – which are publicly available on the web – so as to suggest to all potential customers the reliability and quality of his products. Especially as they employ FaitalPRO loudspeakers.

Not to be missed 

Please find below a link to Doyle Audio videos and we certainly advise you to take a look, as it really is worth while!


doyle.jpgThe first comment of Gerard Doyle, Doyle Audio

The following is Mr Doyle's first comment, leading to a long interview we will publish soon, demonstrating unconcealed appreciation for and expectations from FaitalPRO products.
Gerard Doyle started by declaring: "It would be impossible to ask for Greater Performance and Sound Quality, from Audio I find what I never dreamt possible".

Foto per la stampa: http://www.faitalpro.com/press_photos.zip 

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About FaitalPRO

FaitalPRO is a trademark of the world renowned Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Faital S.p.A., based in S.Donato Milanese, Milan. Faital, a multinational group, has been in the audio business for fifty years. It is international standards certified, with branches and manufacturing plants in six countries worldwide. Design expertise and innovation, advanced technological manufacturing processes and total reliability are the very basis of “all-quality-and-no-compromise” Faital ranges. Every FaitalPRO loudspeaker is meticulously CAD and FEA designed and tested for consistent sound quality and heavy-duty reliability. The use of NdFeB and special engineered heat dissipation systems guarantee important weight reduction, outstanding power handling and performance. Special treatments provide high-end reliability, power-handling and environmental durability in all pro-audio applications.

Faital S.p.A. Via B. Buozzi 12 - 20097 - S. Donato Milanese - Italy - Tel.: +39 02 527703.1 - Fax: +39 02 5231130

logo50th.jpgFaital USA Inc. 220 West Parkway - Unit 13 - Pompton Plains NJ 07444 - U.S.A. - Phone: +1.973.835.2211 - Fax: +1.973.835.5055

  info @ faitalpro.com

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