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Global Production and Netco Sports: realistic and cautious, but optimistic in Italy.

"Force majeure" for Coronavirus, TV productions postponed but not cancelled . 

The term "Disaster Recovery" in IT refers to that set of measures and structures at an organizational level that allow the information technology equipment of companies to overcome emergency situations.



In our current case, in the presence of the problems related to the Coronavirus Covid-19, disaster recovery relates to the ability to "recover" data and operational functionalities, such as organisational procedures and methods that primarily aim at restoring or continuing activities which are prepared to prevent or face and manage risk factors.

These issues, which are dramatically current in Italy now, are engaging Global Production and Netco Sports, two of the three Italian associates of the pan-European Euro Media Group, together with 3zero2 TV.

The initiatives, immediately implemented by the two companies, are rigorous security, technological and logistical / organisational measures, aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of the business services that distinguish them in the international landscape of television production.


Global Production

"We are certainly in the presence of a serious emergency that has not caught us unprepared," says Stefano Bianco, CEO of Global Production.

"There are two strategies and countermeasures that we have adopted: first of all, adapting to the Italian situation, which involves all the television services, it will certainly still be at least until April 3rd, as a precaution and to stem the contagion, that filming of football matches has been postponed. 
The Chamipons League is in quarantine and two stages of SuperBike are postponed to October.

The second strategy, which we wanted to implement as Italian partners of the pan-European Euro Media Group, is an active collaboration with the health services of the City of Turin and the health bodies of Piedmont.

In fact, we put ourselves at the service of Health Council and, with our skills, know-how and technology, we made some short videos aimed at prevention.

We shot some clips in hospitals and other strategic settings in Turin and prepared mini documentaries that teach everyone some effective hygiene rules against contagion. ASL Città di Torino is using them as prevention, spreading them on different channels, national, private and social TV channels. [LINK]


Global Production

Davide Furlan, Co-CEO of Global Production adds: “I want to highlight two important points. Firstly, that for several weeks we have guaranteed the maximum safety of our operating personnel on OB-vans, by putting in practice rigorous hygiene measures, well beyond recommendations.

Secondly, abroad the Italian situation is perceived as a recessive and dramatic crisis and, despite the concern, it is important to underline that in our industry of television production we have to describe a general freezing of some activities, not a tragedy.

A temporary stop is necessary for prevention of the further spread of the virus and this will allow us to overcome the objective difficulty.

The main Italian broadcasters, with whom we are in constant contact, agree with us in stating that this is a suspension and not a cancellation; in fact, all projects and productions are only postponed, and certainly not cancelled.

In practice, our position today is of realism and optimism; the situation is difficult and we are forced to stop for a while, but we will restart with enthusiasm as soon as possible".


Netco Sports

Claudio Cavallotti Sales General Manager of Netco Sports informs: “Even before the decree of the Ministry of Health sanctioned safety, hygiene caution, isolation, smart working and teleworking measures, we at Netco Sports had already started to implement all these procedures as common sense.

We started with two operational phases: first we applied extreme hygiene and safety measures for all employees and smart working, managing part of the work remotely and part on site with minimum personnel in the company, with shifts of reduced staff.

In Serie A, B and C football, some employees only showed up at the weekend to oversee some working phases, but with intelligent shifts and in full compliance with the safety requirements for interpersonal distances, masks, sanitised hand washes and constant checks with thermometers.

Then, for two weeks now, we physically closed the headquarters in via De Ruta Milan and all operations continue fully with telework from home.

For over fifteen days everything has been running smoothly.

The slowdown in work is due to the temporary cancellations of some matches that have been postponed, but no slowdown has occurred towards our customers and also our engagements 

abroad remain on the agenda.

It remains to be understood, in April, how to manage any difficulties in physical travel, or "no travel policies", if and where required.

At the moment, all Netco Sports production activities are continuing without significant decreases in our operations".



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