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Netco Sports, full-fledged graphics.

High graphic content for Multi-platform and multi-device implementations.

Netco Sports Italy officially joined the pan-European Euro Media Group around three years ago and continues in the wake of its subsidiary Netco Sports France which is appreciated throughout Europe with international customers and "overruns" that extend as far as Australia.


Both these companies are definitely points of reference for everything within the OTT world, applications for mobile devices, widgets, graphics, augmented and virtual reality, and the "proactive" management of huge amounts of unstructured "data”.

Netco Sports Italy is in a position to create and manage that "continuum" of technology, creativity and graphics that allows companies to organise and make this information usable.

Once organised, they become precious assets for re-use in the fields of "sports and entertainment", and in the universe of TV, web and mobile multi device world, at all levels.


Capitalising on all the experience of the pre-existing and widely appreciated EBD European Broadcasting Development from which it derives (with a change of brand name one year ago), the new Netco Sports Italy has been extended and structured from its inception to create an even stronger division, on the line of established and recognised high-level skills.

The ingredients of this successful recipe are the complete management of multimedia contents, the transformation of a huge amount of "simple" data processed into aggregated information that can be re-used and therefore valuable and monetized on many platforms.

In detail, these lines of activity take the form of those applications that integrate data for multi-platform re-use, aggregate them and make them usable thanks to strong and spectacular graphic content.

The final product is pure entertainment, often interactive, for TV, OTT, and multi-device apps for the mobile, web and social worlds.


Always pleasant and entertaining to the user, this product becomes even more precious especially for the sports world, since it gives the ability to synchronize and manage heterogeneous data and information by all media organisations, clubs, teams and everyone who wants to engage the public in multimedia modes with a mixed entertainment package.


While the typical TV audience continues to move online and therefore is already able to appreciate certain precious issues, these solutions offer TV publishers many opportunities to keep the public from having to change channel.

This happens thanks to captivating dynamic graphics synchronised with live presentations in which the presenter proposes an even more engaging "story telling". The viewer is accompanied visually through the most important moments of the story and the broadcaster succeeds in examining the tendencies and preferences of the public for a re-using of the most "revenue oriented" assets.


Netco Sports Italy today has a position of "completion" in the Euro Media Group production landscape, integrating perfectly with the other companies in the group.

Thanks to these skills, the company was immediately catapulted into the high-level Italian media scene with reference clients such as Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B, Lega Serie C, RCS Sport, Sky, Lega Basket Serie A, Infront Sport, Mediaset, Milan and Juventus for mobile apps and Web Sites, etc.

Netco Sorts Italy therefore becomes a reference support for the entire sports world in Italy that wants to follow the lines of "monetisation" even within new media.




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